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About Bengals


Have you ever found yourself staring at wild cats at a zoo, in a magazine, or on tv and wondered what it would be like to own one of those beautiful creatures? Many of us have yearned to own one of those exoctic wild cats, With their admirable coats, and their mighty graceful build. Imagine having one of those exotic cats roaming around your house! A spotted leopard relaxing on the couch with you. But just imagine this cat to have the personality of a super loveable and friendly house cat and be the size that is practical for your home. Well that is a Bengal. 



A Bengal cat looks like a wild cat on the prowl. They are crossed between an Asian leopard cat and domestic cat to create a hybrid that possesses companionable traits of a house cat and the beautiful exotic and wild look of their ancestors, also from time to time you will see some of the asian leopard traits to resurface, like their crazy love for water, varying vocal traits, intelligence, very energetic, and ever alert. just like they’d need to be to survive in the jungle!




Bengals are perfect companions for the whole family including children and other house hold pets. They are probably the most playful cat you’ll ever see and they have a huge desire and need to be able to interact with whatever is going on in their environment.  My Bengals will often follow me from room to room just to "see what's up". They are very curious, and will never leave you bored. They’ll amuse you with their incredible antics. Bengals are very loyal, and may sometimes even show traits that are similar to that, of a dog. They are eager to please, are keen to quickly learning tricks like come, sit, speak and even games of fetch! They can also easily be taught to be walked on a harness. They are very active and independent cats but they can also become total softies at the flip of a switch! They crave affection. Our bengals love curling up into happy little balls beside us the couch, purring wildly.

Pelts and allergy friendliness

The coat of a Bengal has a very soft velvet feeling to it. Because of their link to a  wild Asian le

The coat of a Bengal has a very soft velvet feeling to it. Because of their link to a  wild Asian leopard cat, Bengals have more of a pelt than a typical fur coat. A   benefit of their amazing pelts is that they have very little hair loss and shedding. In fact many people who are allergic to cats find they don’t have the same allergic reactions to Bengals. While Bengals cannot be claimed to be hypoallergenic cats, they do have a high percentage of success.

Facts about Bengals


Bengals love water

YES a cat that loves water. Most will play for long periods of time in the bathtub  with a few inches of water in it or in a bathroom sink with the faucet slightly running. So don't be surprised if your Bengal jumps in the bathtub to join you for a "relaxing" bubble bath!

Bengals are very vocal

 The Bengal cat doesn’t meow quite like other cats and they can’t easily be ignored. They will definitely let you know when they want something.

Bengals inherent the glitter gene

 The rich color and glittery shine distinguishes the Bengal coat from other cats. Their coat will appear to shine in the sunlight with a glitter that has an iridescent quality!