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Welcome Kittens!

 3 beautiful, healthy snow girls born July 24!  They are 3 of the biggest kittens I've seen :)  Nova is a wonderful mom she is always cuddling right up to her babies and non stop purring.  Can't wait to watch these girls grow and see how their colours change.

To inquire about this litter please email us at  

Aurelia and Jasper

Four beautiful make kittens born August 7, 2019.  Our first litter between Jasper and Aurelia.  They have super tight pelts with thick black outlin rosettes.  We can’t wait to watch these babies grow!  All 4 available now for reservation.

Hail and Attila

Hail has 5 babies born August 8, 2019! Two brown spotted females, 2 brown spotted males and one snow lynx male.  The brown kittens have white bellies with very light background colour and big contrasting rosettes.  Our little Lynx boy is starting to show his rosettes.  Available for reservation now