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All About Aurelia

We are so in love wih this spunky girl!  She is such a affectionate cat and loves being held.  She has beautiful golden eyes, full whisker pads, nice contrast in her markings and a nice tight coat.  She is our cuddle bug and loves following us around the house.  She is still very young so more updates to come as she grows!

Thank you to Gabrielle Martin of Dragonfly Bengals for this sweet girl.

All about Nova

Our beautiful snow mink girl. We love her colouring and super tight, soft full of glitter pelt. Nova has thick boning, puffy whisker pads, a perfect profile and a nice thick tail. She is incredibly curious and intelligent and never ceases to amaze us with what mischief she gets into daily. She is also very sweet and nurturing and has taken on the role of mothering our other girls and our dog Hazel!   Thank you to Dorinda Earl of Rideau Lake Bengals for our special snow mink girl.     

Nova's Parents are:  

Sire: Black Gold Juicy Givenchy of RID/WC  

Dam: Rideau Lake RL Brooklyn

All About Hail

 Hail is our sweet, observant girl. We fell in love with her perfect Bengal head. She has a perfect profile with small, rounded ears and beautiful big gold eyes. She has a beautiful thick, tight pelt and we love her unique resetting and thick tail, and the GLITTER! Her coat absolutely glistens. Hail is incredibly calm and loving. She loves to snuggle right up under the blanket with you and has the most relaxing big purr. 

Another Thanks to Gabrielle Martin of Dragonfly Bengals!

Hails Parents are:

Sire: Arcade OJ the Brown Guy

Dam: Akeera Bengal Ivy of Dragonfly Bengal

All about Vita

Vita came all the way from Russia to be with us! she is a extremely affectionate and very vocal. She loves the water! she will even jump into the bathtub with you, and when she drinks out of the water bowl her two front paws are always  in the bowl as you can see in the photo above. Shes definitely a character with a huge personality! She has gorgeous big clouded rosettes, with a very thick dark outline around them and a beautiful contrast. She has big round gold eyes. Vita has a thick tight pelt that feels like velvet and a nice thick tail and full whisker pad.