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All About Jasper

Our boy Jasper is a dream come true to us and our cattery.  He is so exotic looking, beautiful big green eyes, amazing head, thick boning, light coloured coat with dark outlined rosettes with a very thick tight pelt.  We are so in love with him!  He really enjoys going for car rides and going on adventures.  He loves chasing the girls around the house, he's definitely the ladies man!  He's always purring, he's such a happy, content cat

We would like to thank Kaylen Kokolus of Exotic Mirage Bengals for our stunning boy Jasper.

Jaspers parents are:

Sire: Asiafauves Zaire of Exotic Mirage

Dam: Koppiekatz Kamaria of Exotic Mirage

All About Attila

We are so excited to finally bring home our stunning snow boy Attila.  He came to us all the way from BengalTwins Cattery in Hungary!  He has ice blue eyes, a perfect straight profile, tiny rounded ears and nice, puffy whisker pads.  His coat has nice big rosettes that fade into many colours, we love his almost ombre effect.  He is very affectionate and loves to chatter.  Thank you so much to Melinda and Peter of BengalTwins Cattery for this wonderful boy.  We cant wait to see his future kittens!

Attilas Parents are:

Sire: World Junior Champion Panthera Bengals Bahama Night

Dam: Grand International Champion Patch of Heaven Mystic Chocolate